Give the gift of LOVE this Valentine's Day! Order a LOVE DVD Today!! http://…

Give the gift of LOVE this Valentine's Day!

Order a LOVE DVD Today!!


Beth Moore-Love may simply maybe the best residing artist working in America right this moment! Her works could be present in non-public collections all through the United States and Europe. She is a nationwide treasure and but, she is just about unknown. Filmmaker Larry Wessel is set to vary that along with his 9 12 months labor of love…his feature-length documentary referred to as LOVE.


“My ‘artwork’ has always been very cynical and ANGRY. I read a quote once, I don’t remember who said it, something about the purpose of art being to soothe the spirit after a hard day of ‘reality’. What does that mean? I once saw a two-page advertisement for some stupid car, on one side of the fold-out was a photo of Monument Valley, morphing into the skyline of Manhattan. On the other page, over Monument Valley was written, ‘The Dream’, over Manhattan was written, “The Reality”. And I noticed immediately that this was utterly backwards. So my function as an artist is to assuage these individuals who flip our world upside-down for revenue? These individuals who really feel spiritually bereft after a laborious day of raping and pillaging? F*ck that. I’ll NOT. I’m going to sneak it on the wall, and slap the sh*t out of them with the fact of it. Is there ugliness and horror in my work? Absolutely. Do you assume that my work is distasteful? You are right!”

– Beth Moore-Love

“Provides a fascinating insight into what makes Moore-Love tick, throwing up explanations as to why she paints such shocking subjects. It’s rare to see such a personal examination of an artist and their creative process. and to feel as though you’ve been allowed access to their most private thoughts and inspirations; and while the pace is slow and the structure is stark, this perfectly reflects the meticulous nature of Moore-Love’s intricate outpourings.”

– Billy Chainsaw, Bizarre Magazine

“A unique perspective on the artist's personal history…comprehensive in it's dissection of Beth Moore-Love's artwork…this is the place for the straight skinny on all of it…it's fascinating.” – Mark Bell, Film Threat

“This documentary may not be for the squeamish, but it's well worth watching for an in- depth portrait of a significant American artist who has been addressing big issues in her complex, amazing paintings for decades.”

– Matt Dukes Jordan, Fleshapoidfilms

“This is a masterpiece that everyone with a taste for the beautiful, the gruesome, the thought provoking and the wickedly funny should see. Highly recommended! Larry Wessel's LOVE is amazing.” – Visa Disablot, Mesikämmen

“In his typical exuberant style Wessel goes in search of the soul of the artist Beth Moore-Love. Her grotesque, colorful paintings show a dysfunctional universe of joyful cruelty and perverse little girls. As always, humor and transgression in Wessel's eccentric films go hand in hand.” – Sofie Verdoodt, OFFoff artwork cinema

“This movie needs to be seen in art classes all over the world!” – Tanner Toobach, Unboxed Watched and Reviewed

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