Valentine’s Day Art For most people, THE TERMINATOR (1984) isn’t the first movie that comes to mind …

For most folks, THE TERMINATOR (1984) isn’t the first movie that comes to mind for a Valentine’s Day double-feature. But we right here at The Geek Mansion like to assume exterior the field, so we figured we would swing for it. This debut movie by scifi maestro James Cameron (AVATAR, TITANIC) stars Michael Biehn (ALIENS) as a soldier from the future despatched again via time to shield a girl (Linda Hamilton) destined to delivery the savior of mankind from being assassinated by a cyborg—performed by Arnold Schwarzenegger (TRUE LIES, PREDATOR)—additionally despatched from the future by a synthetic intelligence at battle with humanity.

MILD SPOILER ALERT: This movie is—at its core—a narrative about love. Kyle Reese volunteered to return in time to shield Sarah Connor each as a result of the way forward for the human race is determined by her survival and likewise as a result of he was in love along with her. Now, whether or not that love was real or cautious manipulations by John Connor who—realizing Reese was his father—wanted to guarantee his personal delivery and future isn’t for us to say. To paraphrase Gary Oldman in DRACULA, Reese actually crossed oceans of time to be with the lady he liked. He additionally confronted down a virtually indestructible killer cyborg utterly outclassed and outgunned. Now that simply has to be love…..#TheTerminator #JamesCameron #ArnoldSchwarzenegger #LindaHamilton #MichaelBiehn #ViolentHearts #DoubleFeature #ValentinesDayMovie #ValentinesDayFilms #ValentinesDay #Lupercalia #TheGeekMansion

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